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The Key to Content Marketing Success

Unlike a blog post or web copy, long form content provides an opportunity to tell a story. It lets you walk readers step-by-step through the benefits of a technology, the details of a business case, or the logic behind an innovation. The effort invested in developing the story shows in compelling copy that is sincere, informative, and above all, useful. These are the very same traits that make for successful content marketing.

Long form copy, like whitepapers, provides ideal source material for content marketing campaigns. Tease apart the elements of the story — the problems and solutions, questions and answers, and distilled wisdom of subject-matter experts — and you have digestible content that can be repurposed in email campaigns, blog posts, social media interactions, newsletters, web copy, and presentations.

Committing to a long form content project, like a whitepaper, requires a substantial investment in time and effort from all parties involved. Repurposing the whitepaper lets you maximize the value of your investment and raise the quality of you content marketing.